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    • Education of non-students 

      Blanchot, Eric; Ebner, Noam; Honeyman, Christopher; Kaufman, Sanda; Parish, Rachel (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2013)
      Most people do not take negotiation courses -- yet they learn new things and change their attitudes and behavior all the time. So far, with some exceptions, the negotiation field has taken little advantage of informal ...
    • Online communication technology and relational development 

      Bhappu, Anita D.; Ebner, Noam; Kaufman, Sanda; Welsh, Nancy (DRI Press. Saint Paul, MN, 2009)
      Key to success in negotiation is managing and enhancing relationships. This concept can be difficult to convey in short-term executive training courses where students have little time for relational development. Not to ...