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    • English Matchboxes 

      2000? Set of five English matchboxes, each with a black-and-white image on one face and the corresponding fable text on the obverse. "AV 30." Made in Japan. Cornish Match Company, Cornwall, St. Ives, GB. $50 from ...
    • French Matchboxes 

      Fourteen French matchboxes, each giving the title and an illustration for a fable of either Jean de La Fontaine or Florian. The set seems identical with that I have listed under French matchbox covers. 13 Euros for thirteen ...
    • Oversized Matchboxes 

      2010? Four supersized (4 ¼" X 11 ½" X 1") matchboxes featuring details of Fraipont's 1888 illustrations along with La Fontaine's text for Fox and the Stork (FS), Wolf and the Lamb(WL), Fox and the Grapes (FG), and ...
    • Porcelain Box 

      Limoges-style porcelain hinged trinket box. A tortoise and a hare perch on top. 2½" x 1¾" x 2¼" high. Made in China. $9.99 from Sue Cartwright, La Jolla, CA, through Ebay, August, '00. Extra exemplar for $4.99 from Today's ...
    • Russian Lacquer Box 

      Russian lacquer box from the village of Palekh illustrating five different stories by Ivan Krylov. Paper mache, gold ink, handmade and handpainted, signed by the artist. 4½" x 4½" x 3½". Excellent condition. $76 from Yury ...
    • Russian Lacquer Box 

      Russian lacquer box, signed by Fedoskino artist Zaitseva. 3" x 2½" x 1½" high. The scene depicted on the cover is The Fox and the Crow . $23 from Nickolai, St. Petersburg, Russia, through Ebay, May, '01.
    • Russian Matchbox Set 

      1992? Eighteen matchboxes, each giving the title and an illustration for a fable of Ivan Krylov. $25 from Samuel Princell, Lille, France, through eBay, Dec., '05.