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    • Le Renard et le Héron" from Detmold's Fables d'Esope 

      Le Renard et le Héron from Detmold's Fables d'Esope (1909). Purchased as a gift by Deborah Ruck on January 14, 1990 from a stall on the bank of the Seine near Notre Dame, Paris. The print is an offprint, rather than a page ...
    • Seventeen printed sheets 

      Seventeen printed sheets, 10¾" x 14½", each featuring an individual fable of La Fontaine. The sheets themselves give no identifying trademark, but these posters are identical with individual pages in two volumes, Imagerie ...
    • Tortoise and the Hare, Address Labels 

      TH Address Labels. Two sheets with fourteen address labels each. White Wolf Designs. $2 from Nikki Brindle, Warsaw, IN, through Ebay, August, '01.