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dc.description.abstractThe same in motif motif as the Gotbuttons larger button with these differences: this is brass, smaller, and marked with "Solidaire Bte SGDG" rather than "Breveté" on the back. The metal of this button shows less relief than that of others I have, and the button is thus considerably brighter. This button has the same construction as that, including the self-shank. This specimen seems to be that presented as #11 on Plate 152 of BBB.en_US
dc.title1 bronze Wolf and the Crane button
dc.description.note1 bronze WC button, 7/8" in diameter. Paris: Solidaire Bte SGDG, A P & Cie, Paris. $12 from Joni Goldbarg through Ebay, April, '99.en_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing and Accessories : Buttonsen_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing and Accessoriesen_US

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