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dc.description.abstractUses all the stories of the 1982 Doubleday book (see comments there), often in abbreviated form. Adds one fable, GA, in which the grasshopper is eating his violin when the ants finally take him inside and feed him. Also adds: "Brer Fox," "Little Red Riding Hood," "The Princess and the Island," and "The Ugly Duckling." The brief time allowed each tale hurts the other stories, but the fables are well done.en_US
dc.titleOne-Minute Bedtime Stories
dc.description.noteOne-Minute Bedtime Stories. "Shari Lewis tells her." Music composed and arranged by Stormy Sacks with Lan O'Kun. NY: Caedmon. $7.95 at Turtle Park Toys, DC, Dec., '92.en_US
dc.subject.local1Audio Cassettes : Groups of Cassettesen_US
dc.subject.local1Audio Cassettes : Individual Cassettesen_US

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