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dc.description.abstractThough this theme of the eagle and stag is listed as a standard button motif, I have no idea what the fable is that is depicted! This button is a bright, very shiny brass piece folded over a different back with yet a third independent piece forming the shank. Help?! Big Book of Buttons shows a similar motif in an apparently smaller button (Plate 154 #27), and for #5 on Plate 153 describes the following story from Pilpay. A stag led his family on the search for food and water. As the land became unfamiliar, he told the females and young deer to wait in hiding. An eagle called to the stag to ask where his family was hidden, saying he wanted to lead them to food and water. The stag recognized the eagle's intentions of capturing a young deer for himself and declined to reveal their whereabouts. In a footnote, BBB gives Madge Valgamore as their authority and note that they could not find this story in any edition of Pilpay. Regretfully, Mrs. Valgamore had not given a reference. So still I say: Help?!en_US
dc.title1 brass button of the eagle and the stag
dc.description.note1 brass button of the eagle and the stag, 1" in diameter for $13 from Robin Larner, Rochester, NY, through Ebay, April, '99.en_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing & Accessories : Buttonsen_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing & Accessoriesen_US

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