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dc.description.abstractMight this be someone's conception of the story of the two monks from Bidpai? In any case, there is a large stein or pitcher to the right of the right monk, who clearly holds a drinking vessel. As I study this button more closely, I am not convinced that the two men must be monks. If I keep this button in the collection, I will at least know where to find it when I learn that it really is a fable button!en_US
dc.title1 two-piece brass button, 1 1/16" in diameter
dc.description.note1 two-piece brass button, 1 1/16" in diameter, picturing two monks. Steel back, wire shank. $10 from Onie Wiedeman, Minot, ND, May, '99.en_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing & Accessories : Buttonsen_US
dc.subject.local1Clothing & Accessoriesen_US

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