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dc.description.abstractThere is a chip at about 9 o'clock along the scalloped edge of this lovely plate. The design, showing the moment just before lift-off, is repeated elsewhere in Brown-Westhead, Moore and Company productions. The design spills over nicely into the ridge connecting the center of this plate with its rim.en_US
dc.titleA cream-colored plate 9¾" in diameter
dc.description.noteA cream-colored plate 9¾" in diameter with a 6½" blue-and-white circular design at its center presenting The Talkative Tortoise. The back of the plate shows two registry marks and a crown through a circle surrounding a coat of arms with "BWM & Co" across it and "Fables" underneath it. Other marks include a complex sign headed by a "Faience Anglaise" banner and giving addresses in Paris and Marseille. Hanley, Staffordshire: Brown-Westhead, Moore and Company. £10.51 from Chris Hill, UK, through eBay, Oct., '02.en_US
dc.subject.local1Tableware : Manufacturers of Themed Tableware : Brown-Westhead, Moore, and Coen_US

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