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    • Advent Audio Reflections 

      Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2000)
      One to two minute audio reflections: God's coming to us in our poverty, Patient Fidelity, Preparing for a lonely or difficult Christmas?, Have I missed Advent?, and A Reflection on the Manger's Meaning
    • Advent Parish Mission 

      Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2011)
      This Parish Mission was given at St. Francis Xavier Parish, a Jesuit parish in Phoenix, Arizona, November 20-23, 2011. Andy Alexander, S.J. and Maureen Waldron gave the Mission. Andy gave the homily at each of the Sunday ...
    • Ahead of Their Time: The Story of the Omaha DePorres Club 

      Holland, Matt (Creighton University. 2015)
      Matt Holland's presentation on The DePorres Club was an interracial group of young people who used non-violent methods to confront and change discriminatory policies in stores, factories and businesses who refused to serve ...
    • "Amazing People": A Lenten Retreat with Refugees, A presentation by Fr. Gary Smith, S.J. at Creighton University 

      Smith, Gary, S.J. (Creighton University Online Ministries. 2008)
      Fr. Gary Smith, S.J. is the author of the books “They Come Back Singing: Finding God with the Refugees” (LoyolaPress, 2008, 248 pages) and “Radical Compassion: Finding Christ in the Heart of the Poor” (LoyolaPress, 2009, ...
    • Author Jane Knuth At Creighton University 

      Knuth, Jane (Creighton University. 2001)
      Creighton University Collaborative Ministry invited author Jane Knuth to talk about her book "Thrift Store Saints: Meeting Jesus 25 Cents at a Time". Her book and talk were full of stories about her experiences working at ...
    • Cardoner at Creighton: A Celebration of Service with Fr. Rick Curry, S.J. 

      Curry, Richard, S.J. (2011)
      Fr. Richard Curry, S.J. (1943-2015) was a professor of Catholic Studies and Theater at Georgetown University. He was well known at Georgetown for his unique “Theater and the Catholic Imagination” class|Fr. Curry received ...
    • "Cooperating With Each Other in Mission," The Very Reverend Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J. 

      Kovenbach, Peter-Hans, S.J. (Creighton University, Online Ministries. 2004)
      "Cooperating With Each Other in Mission," The Very Reverend Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J. Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Omaha, Nebraska, October 7-8, 2004.| - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|The ...
    • A Deeper Lent: A Time for Healing and Hope Part 1 

      Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2011)
      A presentation for Lent with Father Andy Alexander, SJ and Maureen McCann Waldron of Creighton University's Collaborative Ministry. Recorded March 27, 2011 at St Wenceslaus in Omaha, Nebraska as part of their Mission program.
    • Don Doll, SJ: My Journey as priest and photographer 

      Doll, Don, S.J. (Creighton University. 2012)
      Fr. Doll's work has been featured in National Geographic and eight Day in the Life of… books over the past 50 years. Fr. Doll has lived and worked at Creighton University since 1969. He is a professor of journalism and ...
    • Effective self-leadership in a complex world: practical insights from Ignatius of Loyola 

      Lowney, Chris (Creighton University, Online Ministries. 2010)
      Author Chris Lowney, who wrote the bestseller Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450 Year Old Company That Changed the World, returned to Creighton on Thursday, Jan. 21, for this Spirituality Plus lunch. His latest ...
    • Faculty Conversations: Eloquence in Jesuit Education 

      Birkholt, Marty; Hanna, Fred; Prenosil, Joshua; Stefaniak, Mary Helen; Zuegner, Carol; Ash, Carol (Creighton University. 2013)
      Eloquentia Perfecta, Using the Available Means of Persuasion: Writing, Music, Speech, Dance, Film, Core Curriculum Issues, Branding & Marketing|Six members of a delegation from Creighton recently attended a Heartland-Delta ...
    • A Family Celebration of Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, and Peter Favre 

      Modras, Ron (Creighton University. 2006)
      "A Family Celebration of Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, and Peter Favre" by Dr. Ron Modras, Ph.D.|Dr. Modras is author of "Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century" and a Professor of Theology, ...
    • Finding Christ in the Suffering of our Cities: An Evening with Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J. 

      Boyle, Greg, S.J. (Creighton University, Online Ministries. 2009)
      Greg Boyle at St. John's ChurchFr. Greg Boyle, S.J., one of the most inspiring Jesuits in the country, spoke with us at Creighton to help us better understand what he discovers working with the gangs of East Los Angeles.| ...
    • Finding God, with the poor, in our poverty 

      Boyle, Greg, S.J. (Creighton University. 2002)
      Finding God, with the poor, in our poverty. A Special Evening of Reflection on The Two Standards and Our Culture Today: A talk by Greg Boyle, S.J. at Creighton University on February 4th, 2002|We invited Fr. Greg Boyle to ...
    • Historical Patterns in the American Immigration Debate 

      Fryer, Heather (Creighton University. 2013)
      Heather Fryer uses her gifts as an historian to reveal some surprising patterns in the immigration story in the U.S. Understanding our history can help us understand the forces within us all which tend to resist “aliens” ...
    • How Can Lent Help Us? 

      Miller, Mariana (Creighton University. 2014)
      Mariana helps us reflect upon the meaning of Lent. Where did it come from? What are the roots of what we do now? How can Lent help us today?|Rooted in her experience as a wife and mother and grounded in her experience in ...
    • Lenten Audio Conversations 

      Alexander, Fr. Andy S.J.; Waldron, Maureen McCann (Creighton University. 2000)
      The audio files to the right are conversations about Lent. For people who have appreciated the other audio files on this site, we decided to record our discussions about each week of Lent. It is an easy way to simply listen ...
    • A Meaningful Advent 

      Gillick, Fr. Larry S.J. (Creighton University. 2000)
      Creighton University's Father Larry Gillick, SJ, talks about ways to have a meaningful Christmas season.
    • Mercy in the City 

      Weber, Kerry (Creighton University. 2014)
      On April 16th and 17th 2014 Kerry graciously Skyped with our two reading groups on the Creighton Campus. Watch her share her experiences of the book and her reflections on it since. With each group, Kerry was very personal ...
    • On the Camino in Lent 

      Hoarty, Margaret (Creighton University. 2013)
      CU Alums Margaret Hoarty and her husband, Tom, spent six weeks in the late summer of 2012 walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage road in Spain. Over the 450 mile trek, they prayed and walked and met other pilgrims from ...