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Dean, Graduate School and College of Professional Studies
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Recent Submissions

  • Langenfeld, Katie Ann
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2016)
    Prion diseases are infectious neurodegenerative disorders that affect humans and other mammals and are inevitably fatal. The infectious agent in prion disease (PrPSc) is an abnormal isoform of an endogenous host protein ...
  • Farah, Shrouq I.
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 2016)
    The worldwide incidence of active tuberculosis (TB) infection was reported to be 9.6 million with the disease responsible for 1.5 million deaths in 2014 despite current treatment approaches that require the use of multiple ...
  • Cummiskey, Mary Carmel
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1940)
    This thesis attempts to enumerate the poetical expressions used by St. Cyprian in his Letters. They are classified under the headings of Metaphor, Metonymy, Personification, Antithesis, Anaphora, Simile, Irony and ...
  • Daly, John Marie R.S.M.
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1962)
    The rise of organized labor has been one of the impressive phenomena of the Twentieth Century. This thesis, a history of unionization in Waterloo, Iowa, seeks to explore a small local facet of the larger nation-wide movement. ...
  • De Mars, Mary Rita O.S.F.
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1948)
    "Child-caring institutions" is a broad term. So is "educational practices". Everything that happens to a child, everything he does, leaves an impression on him and thus educates him. Hence, literally, everything is included ...
  • Doyle, Hannah Margaret
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1948)
    Probably never before in the history of American education has the teaching profession suddenly realized the need for publicity--the need for getting public attention* Since the school belongs to the people and is supported ...
  • Duffy, Robert Byrne
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1967)
    In recent years catechetical instruction has become a major topic of discussion when Catholic parents, teachers, priests, students, and others meet. There are those who say that the methods and material of "yesterday" are ...
  • Dunn, Dorothy Ann S.L.
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1946)
    Eighty-two years of steady progress in Colorado's educational field is a record of which the Sisters of Loretto are justly proud. From that memorable day in the July of 1864, when three brave women opened the first Lorettine ...
  • Engles, Mary Alice
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1943)
    This study purports to discover what solution to the problem of the administration of women students in Catholic colleges and universities in the United States has been made by the various institutions where women are ...
  • Fink, M. Laurita S.C.L.
    (Creighton University: Omaha, Nebraska, 1968)
    The persecution begun by Diocletian and Galerius which lasted from 303 to 312 is known as the "Great Persecution.” During recent decades it has been the object of much research, but it still presents many problems, some ...

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